A downloadable game for Windows

         The SF Dvorak is the first interstellar space ship of the Star Force.  Unfortuantely building a space faring vessel out of wood is an awful idea and the ship had to be abandoned.

    You have been tasked with recovering the rare and valuable Qazmanium core crystal from the now derelict ship.  You have been transported aboard the foundering vessel and have just the barest of hints as to how to proceed.

    Fortunately there is still engineering computer access so you have made your way to the engine room of the once proud ship and set about your task.  You must retrieve the Qazmanium without ejecting the Hyper Core.

                                                                        Good Luck!

Install instructions

Unzip all of the files into a single folder and double-click the STD.EXE file to start.


STD.zip 22 MB

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